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Using a coach or minibus for an event is often over looked or not considered at all! This, in our opinion is completely crazy! If you are currently considering travel arrangements for your event, then we urge you give this a quick read, it might just change your life! Though it’s more likely to just save you money.

Train Travel

Rail fares have increased at twice the rate of wages in the past six years, analysis shows ( ). Travelling by train is hitting people’s pockets more than ever before. The sad truth is that this rise in costs is not necessarily improving reliability and comfort. In fact, many lines experience daily delays and cancellations through industrial action and the inevitable overrunning engineering works.

When you hire a private coach from us all of this hassle and expense is forgotten. With prices starting from £7.00 per passenger, a coach will deliver much better value for your group. Your party will have a guaranteed seat, so no crammed carriages or close proximity stranger armpit! A coach will also take you straight to the front door of your venue. So you can wave goodbye to those cold and windy walks to and from the station.

Personalised Travel

Booking a private coach or minibus means that you don’t need to stick to someone else’s timetable. Choose when and where you are picked up and dropped off. Don’t worry about missing the last train or waiting forever for that delayed night bus. Just give the driver a call, and get on with it. Our coach hire even includes a multi collection and drop off service.

Want reclining seats, on board movies or your favourite music playing? Just tell us what your preferences are and we will make it happen (within reason)! You can’t do that in a taxi!

Complete Flexibility

Plans have a habit of changing at the drop of a hat. One minute everything is fine, then suddenly it all gets thrown into chaos with a last minute change. When that happens its crucial you can act quickly and get things sorted. Our travel consultants can amend your itinerary quickly and easily. Oh, that’s another thing you can’t do with a train or flight booking! Just saying…

If you want to save money, enhance your travel experience and be in control of your plans then get a free quotation from our site or give us a call on 0207 458 4900.

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