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University is jammed packed with opportunity, especially when it comes to touring the world with your mates. The challenge is doing this while trying to ensure the student loan also covers unimportant things, such as food. Travelling by coach is by far the cheapest option per person and a great way of getting everyone there together. The possibilities for travelling while at University are endless…

Ski, Snowboarding and Surfing Tours

Skiing is very popular, so the ski society at University rarely struggles for numbers. This means that when it comes to hitting the slopes in the winter months you will have plenty of takers. There is no better way to keep the cost down by travelling all the way to the alps by coach. Also, surf packages by coach to Spain are a great way to travel with all your gear. It’s comfortable, it’s fun and will leave plenty of euros in your board shorts!

Sports team Tours

Whether its initiating the newbies, a big away day fixture or just a celebratory tour with your team mates, this is a university must. Head off to Europe and mix sporting fixtures with partying and have the experience of a lifetime! Flights and trains are expensive and unreliable so book a coach for your sports team for as little as £9 per head!

Student Festivals

Exams are finished and you are finally appearing out of the library like a bear coming out of hibernation. Summer is on the horizon and it’s party time. Where better to let your hair down than at a music festival! With festivals such as the Isle of Wight festival, board masters and download, you’d be mad not to get involved. If you have a group of 12 or  more then booking a minibus or coach is the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to go.

Gap Year and Volunteering

If you are the adventurous type and just want to get out and see the world, then those long summer breaks at University are the perfect time to jet off with friends. You may want to bolster that CV or get some work experience. Either way, volunteering in Africa or South America is a great way to achieve this. With companies offering discount packages for groups, it makes sense to book it now. Keep the cost down and get to the airport quickly and easily by hiring a minibus or coach.

Use what’s left of that University budget and get off you’re a%se! Call one of our representatives for a travel quote, general ideas or life advice. Alternatively, just look it up on Wikipedia, we know you will.

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